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La Fleur Tote - Double Handle Classic French Market Basket

La Fleur Tote - Double Handle Classic French Market Basket

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Introducing our signature design, the Classic French market basket - a timeless and beloved staple for shoppers worldwide.  This Moroccan  Artisan Handcrafted sturdy market tote is woven from durable date palm leaf, ensuring long-lasting use for all your daily needs.

Featuring a double-woven top edge, this basket is designed with extra sturdy finishing for added durability. The double leather handles offer flexibility and easy handling, making it ideal for carrying a basket full of groceries or laundry with ease. The leather tabs also provide additional support for the handles, ensuring that the basket can withstand heavy loads without compromising its structure.

Whether you're running errands, heading to the beach, or simply carrying your everyday essentials, this basket is the perfect accessory to accompany you on your journey.

Dimensions: 12"x18

 Moroccan Handmade Artisan 

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